At Lovsin Estate, we are aware of the importance of functional and clean toilets in the campsites. In order to provide the best experience for our guests, we clean the toilets several times a day and make sure they are spotless. Sanitation facilities have been completely renovated over the past few years, and additional points of access have been added to relieve the pressure on the main sanitation system.

In 2022, an internal sewerage system was built and connected to the public sewerage system in Metlika. Nevertheless, our priorities of keeping nature clean and minimising its impact remain. To ensure that our objectives are backed up by action, we are taking the following measures: 

  • Sanitary water is obtained from a rainwater harvesting tank 
  • we use only organic washing powders and detergents 
  • we save water – we have the right taps and valves in place.

We ask all users of our services to use water wisely and carefully. Disposable toiletries and moisturising wipes are not allowed in our sewerage system!