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Dobrodošli na Posestvo
Lovšin, kjer se združita narava in tradicija

Sva Alenka in Luka in na Posestvu Lovšin ustvarjava svoje sanje, pri tem pa nama pomaga in stoji ob strani tudi Lukov oče Tone. V sklopu turistične dejavnosti želiva ohranjati naravno in kulturno dediščino posestva, živeti v sožitju z naravo in graditi zaupanja vredno lokacijo kjer se lahko sprostiš in naužiješ miru. Oba sva se kar nekaj časa ”iskala” v različnih poklicih in službah, ko sva leta 2016 od Toneta prevzela dejavnost in stvari začrtala po svoje.

The team

Luka is an Agricultural Technician by profession and has (for some years now) an unfinished Landscaping degree. It is the work in the fresh air, the landscaping and planning, the care of trees, plants, the restoration of the homestead and the contact with animals that Luka enjoys the most. Fortunately, he was able to shape his life’s mission into a profession. His 20-year career as a Slovenian Armed Forces contract reservist also comes in handy when working on the estate, as no unforeseen situation can get to him, and this is the reason why he sometimes acts strictly and directly. But this is just a professional deformation.

When you call us for reservations or information, he will be on the other end. He will welcome you to the campsite, take care of all the technical matters and brew you a stunning cup of coffee or pour you a glass of fine Belokranj wine.

Alenka takes care of the graphic design of our company, manages the website and social networks. She is a creator at heart, and nothing gets done here without her consent and opinion. You will communicate with Alenka via email, and you can find her serving in the bar, tending to the landscaping, keeping the property clean and visual.

Luke’s father Tone was born on the estate and knows it to the back of his mind. An electrical engineer by profession, he was also a military pilot, and until his retirement he worked as a security engineer at Posta Slovenije, so don’t worry, security is well taken care of here! You are likely to meet Tone at cutting the grass and landscaping, planting trees or looking after infrastructure. As he is a real foodie, you can ask him for advice on a good outing or a delicious lunch.

What do we offer?

1-4 persons

Is the point of your holiday to travel by campervan or motorhome and you don’t want to stay in one place for more than 2 nights? Then the camper stop is the perfect choice fo

1-4 persons

You think of your holiday as just a camping trip. You’re happy to spend nights under the blue sky, in the shelter of a tent, caravan, tent trailer, camper, etc. At Lovšin Es

1-4 persons

Dreaming of starry nights, the sound of the river and frogs croaking? At Lovšin Estate, we value authentic contact with nature, which is why we offer our guests a tent site locate

1-3 persons

Looking for a romantic break for two? Do you want to escape to nature but don’t fancy pitching a tent and sleeping on hard ground? Looking for a slightly different holiday? T

How and when did it all start?

It is not entirely clear how the property with the mill on the Kolpa River came into the Lovsin family. The data we have says that by the end of the 18th century Georg Lovšin, who owned a mill, lived here. The Lovšin family were millers for at least 5 generations, until the early 60s of the 20. century, when agrarian reforms led to the closure of mills and owners had to find work elsewhere. The Lovsin estate certainly flourished most in the early 1920s. century, when Katarina and Anton Lovšin were the owners. At that time, the family also started to engage in tourism, they had a tavern and guest rooms, they built bathing cabins and hosted holidays for various associations and institutions, from the actors of the Ljubljana theatre, to gymnastics clubs, education, etc.

18th century

the Lovšin family

The Lovšin family lives in a wooden house. Georg (Jurij) Lovšin goes to America to work in a mine and on his return starts building a stone house. Construction takes 12. years. After his death, his only son Janez takes over the estate.

19th century

Georg & Barbara

Georg Lovšin, 4th child of Janez and Ana, at the age of 8th inherits the homestead. He marries Barbara Konda, who bears him 8 children.


Anton & Katarina

The second-born son Anton becomes the owner. In addition to the farm, he inherits his father's debts, which his wealthy bride Katarina Vivoda helps him to pay. Together they took the farm to a new level, opened a tavern and started tourism.


Anton & Julijana

Anton took over the homestead in 1938, and a year later he married Julijana Filak from Zemelj. In 1957, he rebuilt the mill, removing the footings and 4 pairs of stones, and added one storey.


Anton & Teja

The dilapidated farmhouse is taken over by his only son Anton, who soon afterwards opens a business, a camping site and a caravan park. Arranges toilets and sets up camp infrastructure.


Luka & Alenka

Luka, the only son, opens a business in 2016 and takes over the tourism activities on the estate. He does not marry Alenka, but together they start renovating the property, set out a clear path and are happy to follow it.

Back to the future?

Fortunately, history and cultural heritage mean a lot to us, so we want to restore the buildings on the estate to their former glory with new uses, through our activities and the growth of our business. Our estate is protected as a cultural heritage site and is the largest protected homestead in Bela Krajina. In addition to cultural heritage, we are located in a Natura 2000 site and sensitive flora and fauna habitats. We try to minimise our impact on the surrounding environment and develop boutique and service-oriented activities. At the moment, our main source of income is the campsite, we also plan to build rooms and accommodation of a higher quality, and our heart’s desire is to open a restaurant, but what the future will bring in reality remains to be seen.