Spring in all its splendour

April came very quickly. Almost unexpectedly and a little too quickly. The five weeks of March passed in a flash, alternating between beautiful spring weather and almost-still-winter weather. This year, we are celebrating Easter in April and Palm Sunday today. A day to prepare spring greenery, which, according to folk tradition, protects the home from all bad things. In Bela Krajina, tradition has it that Cornel and other greenery and flowers are tied into bundles.

The beautiful and relatively warm weather has also brought out all the wild pollinators, who are busy collecting pollen and preparing everything they need for the new brood. Along the path leading to us, dead-nettle (Lamium purpureum) grows on a slight embankment and the whole area has been buzzing and humming for some time. Today we discovered this beautiful giant. We assume that it’s the queen of the Dark-winged Ground Bumblebee (Bombus argillaceus). A rare and potentially endangered species. Spring flowers, but also summer and autumn flowers are extremely important for pollinators. For this reason, the Lovšin estate has decided to introduce a special mowing method this year. We’ll mow our areas in such a way that strips are created which are mown only once a year, in autumn after flowering. In this way, extensive grassland can establish itself on certain parts of the estate. Part of it and contributes at least a little to the biodiversity of flora and fauna.